Tony Day
Tony (full name Anthony) was born on the 11th of December 1978 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After living 5 years in Amsterdam, he, his parents and little brother, Robin, moved to a more domestic location, Almere, where he still lives. In the years that followed, he developed a taste for music, especially the synthesizer kind. When he was about 12 years old, his dad bought him his first keyboard, a Casio. He came to play this very well, but like most things you get first, it isn't big or good enough. So a year before his graduation from highschool (as a graduation gift. His parents knew that he would graduate... and ofcourse did), he got a real intelligent synthesizer: a Roland E-66. In that same year he came in contact with Dennis. He just started to get into music making and they decided to join forces and see what they could come up with. That all started in 1996.

Because the both went on studying, they didn't have much time to write music, so only a year ago, they made their first CD, simply called: "The Album". Most of their friends were amazed at what they delivered. A album with trance music with a little ambient style.

In the years that they have worked together, Dennis and Tony developed certain skills. Tony became the person who does most of the end-mixing and recording. He wrote most of the melodies and percussion-patterns for there first album ("The Album") and wrote and composed all the tracks for there second album ("Journeys"). He knows a little bit of everything when it comes to music making.

A true "Master of Balance"... (2000)

Dennis Coerse