Dennis Coerse
Dennis Coerse was born on the 31th of August 1978 in Naarden, The Netherlands. After living there for the first three years of his life, he also moved to Almere. This is where he still lives. He got his first synthesizer when he was 10 years old. It was a "Realistic", a small synthesizer with a build-in sampler that could hold up to 1.2 seconds sample-time. After that first year he couldn't be bothered anymore and was only listening to music. That al changed when he came in contact with Tony. By that time Dennis turned around and got himself a computer for the soul purpose of making some of his own music. The only thing he needed was a synth, and Tony had one.

From that time they began making music. There very first track was made on a "Roland E-66", which can be downloaded at this site. Mind you, this isn't the original recording or the original song, but remixed. Still, it hasn't changed much.

The first thing on Dennis' mind when the got more serious into music making, was to get a 'low-budget studio' up and running. In order to do so, Dennis had his paper route an Tony eventually got a job in a supermarket. And so more and more equipment came into there studio. By now the studio is far but 'low- budget'. But like all artists nowadays, more musical equipment is always needed, and most welcome.

In the years that they have worked together, Dennis and Tony developed certain skills. Dennis became the person who wrote the melodies and percussion-patterns for there first album. And still is really good when it comes to making a catchy tune for a track.

A true "Master of Balance"... (2000)

Tony Day