10-02-2007: Three new downloads are now online. These are the full CD versions of 'The Album', 'Journeys' and 'Imagination'. Enjoy!!

In a few days, we will be uploading three new MP3's. These are the full CD versions of 'The Album', 'Journeys' and 'Imagination', available for you to download. So no more downloading all tracks featured on the CD's one by one, but instead as one CD. All .zip files also include a .cue sheet for burning to CD and cover-art. We hope you enjoy it...!

07-02-2007: After two days of downtime, the downloads are up and running again... Enjoy!

14-01-2007: We're busy working on two re-edits of some old tracks, which we think deserve a new version. The tracks getting this treatment are 'Dreamworld' and 'See Me Cry'. Stay tuned for more info!

08-02-2005: It's been a while since our last update, but just to let you all know, Masters of Balance haven't stopped producing or ceased to exist! Hopefully, there will be some new tracks available in the next few months. So for the people still interested in our tracks, keep coming back and check the site for new updates... :) We won't let you down.

On another note: Some of you might have noticed that the messageboard and guestbook are still offline. Because we've changed registrars, all the previous data has to be uploaded and tested on the new server. This will probably take a couple of days to get it right...!

THE MUSIC IS BACK! Now download all the tracks, like you used to before MP3.com stopped there service... Check the Music page...!

After a VERY LONG sabbatical, Masters of Balance are BACK...!! In a short while, you will be able to download ALL the tracks that the M.o.B. have produced thusfar! So stop back in a liitle while and check the Music page...

Masters of Balance will be giving out a two-and-a-half-hour DJ set at "Xsessive" on the 19th of December in Amsterdam. For more info on this venue, surf to the "Xsessive Trance" website for an online flyer...

01-10-2003: For people wanting to know what Tony is up to with his "Lost Shores" project: On the 30th of October he will be giving out a LIVE-Set at "Danscafé Eindelijk in Almere (his hometown), The Netherlands. So for people in the neighbourhood, you know where to look...!

01-06-2003: Masters of Balance will not be releasing any tracks for a couple of months. This because "Studio 2" is being redesigned and Tony is busy working on his "Lost Shores" project and other little projects...

26-05-2003: New merchandise is now available at our "CafePress" website. Click on the link to go there now :-)

28-04-2003: Masters of Balance will be featured on a promotional CD from Strongbow, U.K. More info on this in our next newsletter...

04-04-2003: The last few weeks were real hectic, so we didn't have time to finish the track. We'll keep you posted on the developments...

16-03-2003: Hmmm... This track is taking longer then expected. Maybe this is because we are trying to get some CD-releases going. This is taking a lot of time aswell...

06-03-2003: We're still busy working on the third track...!

02-03-2003: As you might have noticed, the 'Newsletter' hasn't been send out this month. We'll have one ready for you in April though...!

16-02-2003: Our third track is coming along nicely. It will probably not be quit finished at the end of the month, but will see the light of day in the two weeks after. Keep an eye on the newsletter or this page...!

09-02-2003: Well... As of now, the changes MP3.com was planning on making has taken effect. There are only three tracks left on our page. We have to make a choice on which tracks we'll keep on our site...

01-02-2003: "In Motion" just entered the 'Top 10' of the Melodic Trance Chart at no. 9!! It's on fire...:)

31-01-2003: "In Motion" is storming the 'Melodic Trance' chart, especialy in The Netherlands, thanks to a little promotional effort by the local MP3.com site, http://nl.mp3.com. Thanks to all who are supporting us on a comeback. CHEERS!!

20-01-2003: A new track is in development. But for now we'll keep it a surprise... :)

02-01-2003: A new track has been uploaded, entitled "In Motion"... Keep an eye on our MP3.com page... :)


01-01-2003: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

11-12-2002: A new track is online on our MP3.com site! You had to wait a few months, but here it is. The first track from our new album...: This is not quitte what you're used to, but nonetheless a good track to start of with. Minimal build-ups, progressive thru-out the whole track with a steady bassline that drives the rhythm. We hope you enjoy this one. You've waited long enough...!

01-12-2002: A new 'Master of Balance site' is in development. Expect it to be online in the beginning of next year!