Here you can find an overview of all the tracks we've released so far. These are divided into a couple of sections; Original work, Unreleased tracks, Remixes done by us and Remixes done by other artists. To download the tracks, just (right-)click on the save it to your computer. All tracks are encoded in MP3-format and can be downloaded at full speed...!

Original work:

The Album: download CD
A Winters Way Part 1
A Winters Way Part 2
Forever Friends (Extended Version)
Keep Close!
Retro-active (Original Edit)

Journeys: download CD
Far Away (Dreams To Reality)
Long Way Home
One Solution
See Me Cry (Original Version)
See Me Cry (Radio Edit)
There's No Time
There Was A Time...
...When It All Ended

download CD
Beyond Imagination
Fields of Space
Ground Zero
Theme from 'Masters of Balance'


Unreleased tracks:

A Winters Way Part 3
In Motion

Remixes done by us:

Arisen - S.F.T.P.L. (M.o.B.'s Majestica Remix)
HypnotiK - X-Factor (M.o.B.'s Xsessive Remix)
Masters of Balance - Retro-active (M.o.B.'s Majestica Remix)
Rising Star - Touch Me (M.o.B.'s Xsessive Remix)

Remixes done by other artists:
Dreamworld (C.L.M. Remix)
Dreamworld (Markus Schulz Remix)
Fields of Space (Lightworks' 2002 Mix)
Fields of Space (Lightworks Remix)
Fields of Space (Lost Shores Remix)
One Solution (HypnotiK Remix)
See Me Cry (Greg_G Remix)