Masters of Balance began in May of 1995 with a vision of producing music that is intellectual and inspiring, instead of producing quick "pop radio" hits or catchy "party tunes." There is a small population of music lovers that enjoy music that is well written, emotional, uplifting, and engaging. We create music for the true Electronica fan. It takes long hours, and a true dedication to music production to record quality music.
The true reward comes from fan feedback and acknowledgement by the community of Electronica fans. Thank you all for your compliments, we are honored to have your respect, and see that we're selling albums all over the world everyday. We could recieve no greater compliment in our profession. We have plans to create so much more in the near future, just remember, independent musicians now have the internet as a marketing tool.
We met each other at school in 1995. In the beginning we only had a Roland E-66 which we experimented with and a PC for sequencing. After a while we realized that one synth wasn't enough. Then Dennis decided to buy himself a Roland MC-303. In the beginning we had a couple of problems with it, since we're not really technically orientated. But after a while we managed to use the MC-303 perfectly. But there was still something missing. Something with great sounds. And not so long after that we bought 2 Yamaha CS1x!! And finally we had the sounds we wanted for making some good tracks. Masters of Balance was born. Now we've updated our kitlist for a huge variaty of sounds and effects.
A few years later came the idea to put our music on the internet. MP3 was a good way of promoting our music. In the beginning downloads were slow, as usual. Nobody knew us then. Untill someone at noticed our tracks and featured them on the Trance list. Since then our star kept rising.
We've now got three CD's out called The Album, Journeys and Imagination. This second one is not quite as experimental as the first one, but is just as good as the first one, maybe even better. All CD's are available on- and can be purchased at MP3.COM
In the mean time, have a listen to our songs and tell us what you think!