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Tony behind the 'Wheels of Steel' in 'Studio 2'

And this is Dennis

There is really no explanation...

Vinyl seeking
Tony searching through the vinyl at 'Xsessive Trance Radio'

DJ Team
The 'M.o.B. DJ-Team'

Put the needle on the record!

The newly designed Studio 2...

... with some of the equipment we use there

Our famous "Wheels of Steel" in Studio 2

An example of the equipment we use in Studio 1

Dreamworld White Label
A picture from the first white-labels for: 'Dreamworld'.

Yamaha CS1x and a Roland MC-303
Some of the synths that we use for our tracks: The "Yamaha CS1x" and the "Roland MC-303".

Tony Day and Dennis Coerse
The "Masters of Balance" On the left: Tony Day and on the right: Dennis Coerse.

Tony Day and Dennis Coerse - 2
More of the same...

Camara failure
Why is it that this thing will not hang straight. Damn, I took a picture! Where's the erase button on this damn thing?

Funny faces
How weird can people look into a camara? Well, it can't get any weirder than this...